Route to the MediaLab

You can reach the MediaLab by public transport or also by car. If you use the navigation, please enter the address "Josef-Holaubek-Platz 2".

Orientate yourself at the tall building with the orange inscription "WIEN ENERGIE", which is clearly visible from all sides. Right next to it you will see a round white building, the rotunda of UZA 2, in which the MediaLab is located on the lowest level.

From the street you have to go up the stairs, enter the building on the left through main entrance (see picture) on level 2 and then go right back down the stairs to level 1 to the MediaLab.

If you want to visit the team in the offices, go up the stairs to level 3 instead, straight ahead through the glass doors and then turn left.

By subway (U4, U6)

Take the U4 or U6 line to the "Spittelau" station and leave the station through the "Josef-Holaubek-Platz" exit. Outside the station, you will be looking directly at the Rotunde (round white building), where the MediaLab is located. Cross the street and walk up the steps to the main entrance.

By streetcar (lines D, 37, 38)

Take line D to the station "Lichtenwerder Platz". From the stop you can easily see the "Wien Energie" building. Walk in this direction, either up the ramp or past the bus station under the crossing and then right up the stairs to the main entrance.

Take lines 37 and 38 to the "Nussdorferstraße" stop. From the stop you will see Heiligenstätterstraße, which leads slightly downhill. Walk along this on the right side of the street for about 100 meters until you reach Lichtenwerder Platz and then continue as described above.


By car

Navigate to the address "Josef-Holaubek-Platz 2" and turn into the underground parking garage directly at the Rotunde. After about 50 meters you will see an entrance to the public area on the right side, where you can park with a ticket (first hour 4€, afterwards daily rate 6€).

For more information, e.g. on long-term parking, please check the website of the operator "WiPark".

All roads lead to the MediaLab...

On our Instagram channel (subscribe!!) you can find short time-lapse videos on how to get to the MediaLab from each station.

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The UZA (University Center Althanstraße)

The UZA consists of 4 buildings and covers a large area at the northernmost end of Vienna's 9th district (Alsergrund). The MediaLab is located at the upper end of the building complex (Josef-Holaubek-Platz 2).

The address was changed only in 2021, in many places on the internet or in directions you can still find the old address (Althanstraße 14). Please do NOT use this if you want to get to the MediaLab, you will end up exactly diagonally at the other end about 500m further south and the way through the building is very confusing (unless you want to see some dinosaur bones from the biology collection, then it is worth the walk!).

Here you can see a building plan of the whole UZA